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Step aboard the Great Derelict - a massive long abandoned space dock and join Andy as he explores all the various aspects of Spaceships, Science fiction, and general geekery, In-depth reviews and discussions, bite size shows and little odds and sods

Aug 27, 2020

Welcome back to the Great Derelict 

In this weeks cast Andy is joined by University lecturer and Film-maker Dan Paolantonio to discuss the seminal time travel story by Chris Marker, La Jetée.

You can fine La Jetée on Amazon Prime at the time of recording to rent 

Dan can be found at Imperfect Cinema here -

Aug 14, 2020

Welcome back to the Great Derelict 

In this weeks cast Drew and Murray risk life and limb by stepping into a Transporter and beaming aboard, we wonder if they survived, how lucky they were not to be split into 2 beings, transported to Mirror universes or combined into Drurray? Murew?  I guess we're just lucky they...

Aug 7, 2020

Welcome back to the Great Derelict

This week Andy is throwing open the Vault to let out Laura and Darren to learn all about Fallout, from the top down Isometric game from 1997 to the upcoming TV Series on Amazon

You can find more of Laura on West vault Radio at the twitter is @WestVaultRadio and on...

Aug 1, 2020

This week in a MONSTER episode Andy and Elton are joined by Amber as they dive into the Who, and the Why of Amos Burton from The Expanse.

We look at his journey from Naomi's personally muscle onboard the Cant to becoming 'That Guy' and wonder what makes him tick and how did he come to be the 'Murder Baby' we all know...