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Step aboard the Great Derelict - a massive long abandoned space dock and join Andy as he explores all the various aspects of Spaceships, Science fiction, and general geekery, In-depth reviews and discussions, bite size shows and little odds and sods

Sep 30, 2017

This week Lee brings The Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space, Andy brings the Rocinante from The Expanse and Pete? Well he brings a Dr Who pirate ship captained by Aunty Mable...

Sep 24, 2017

This week Lee and Andy discuss their impressions of Seth MacFarlanes homage to Star Trek, The Orville.

Firstly covering the show and its relationship to Star Trek (which is unavoidable) and then in the second half covering the first three episodes...

Naturally for this point onwards personal spoiler...

Sep 16, 2017

This week we get out a roll of 10p coins, pick up our controllers and get down to some serious gaming ships from various eras of the genre.

This week Lee brings The Cobra Mk III from Elite, while Andy stays true to form bringing a huge brick in the shape of the Forward Unto Dawn from the Halo series. And finally Pete...

Sep 10, 2017

As we enter the home stretch of 2017 Lee, Andy and Pete discuss what SF they're looking forward to for the remainder of the year

Sep 3, 2017

This week, the wheels come off early and Pete hits the tequila to chaotic effect. Meanwhile Lee brings a wooden Bajorian light ship, Pete stays upright long enough to bring the Valerian Astroship and Andy rounds things off with the only good thing about Mass Effect Andromeda - The Tempest.