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Step aboard the Great Derelict - a massive long abandoned space dock and join Andy as he explores all the various aspects of Spaceships, Science fiction, and general geekery, In-depth reviews and discussions, bite size shows and little odds and sods

Jun 29, 2019

Welcome aboard the Great Derelict!


My my its been a while hasn't it? my apologies but life and other casts have kept me busy, BUT IM BACK, well theres a cast ready to release in any event!

This week, im joined my 1 half of the Borgcast (and arguably a later or previous incarnation of me, listen to the Borgcast TNG Season 1 episodes for that to make sense)  Anne-Marie Organ to discuss the Wayfarer book series by Becky Chambers and more generally Sci-fi NOT written from a male perspective, very minor spoilers for all 3 boos, but its really more a discussion about the world and the society depicted within so really its safe for all. 

Do highly recommend you check them out, you can find them at all good Book shops and the audio books can be found on Audible

You can find Anne-marie on Twitter

as well as on the Borgcast here -

And the Borgcast Tumblr here - 


And you can find more of Andy and his other casts over at Rogue Two Media